A Better Feminist

  • SG: I'd join a book club for this. [link: Caitlin Moran's "Congratulations, You're a Feminist" http://nyti.ms/SbcrnK]
  • CDR: Can anything new really be expanded on the topic of feminism? Just because she swears and wears crazy outfits and lipstick means she's going to teach me how to be a better feminist?
  • SG: There will never be enough new theories on feminism.
  • CDR: You are right - I'd love to read some! #sameolesameole
It’s not agonizing, it’s not shameful, it’s not particularly interesting. The decision to have an abortion is, for many women of my generation and those before mine, among the greatest (and often easiest) they will ever make.

Thought for Food: My abortion

Today in brave, smart, powerful women. You must click through and read the entire thing.

Thanks for sharing your truth, Nora.

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